The Home Plumbing Kit – Best Items For Emergencies

It goes without saying that every home bathroom should have some plumbing supplies in the event of a sudden toilet overflow or clog, or problem with the shower. You never know when something might happen that causes your pipes to groan or leak, and while you don’t have to take a course in home improvement, knowing enough and using the right tool to head off a major catastrophe until the plumber arrives can save you in repair costs.

If you don’t already have these items on hand, be sure to check at your local home improvement store today. The simple investment is worth it in the long run.

Plunger: Definitely, if you have toilets, you need a plunger. For small clogs when the water won’t circle the bowl like it should, a few tugs can usually solve a minor issue.

Air Purifier: This may seem like an unusual item for plumbing problems, but if something should happen that causes a nasty stench in the house, you’ll want to clear the air quickly.

Industrial Strength Cleaner: This is for surfaces in your bathroom. After an overflow, your floor and fixtures are covered with germs and bacteria. While soap and water help, you want to be certain the area is disinfected so nobody gets sick.

Plumbing Wrench: Ask your plumber or home improvement expert for a recommendation on a good wrench to have to hold off leaks in an emergency.

Plumber’s Tape: Another good temporary leak fixer is a special industrial tape that the pros use to create a seal on pipes.

With your home emergency kit, you can help your plumber with any bathroom problem without fuss.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach plumbing.